About The McOmber Reading Program

In Loving Memory About the Author: Rachel B. McOmber

Rachel McOmber "Reading ideally can be taught by teaching the alphabet logically and sequentially using simple, interesting and enjoyable stories."
           --Rachel B. McOmber

Rachel has devoted her academic life to studying how individuals learn to read. She has chosen a team of experts to enhance these findings and develop 52 delightful phonetic readers.

Rachel has taught in private, public and charter schools. She owned and operated a highly successful academic preschool and kindergarten for 22 years. She has authored and published over one hundred phonetic reading and writing materials for beginning and struggling readers.

Rachel was a participant at the UCLA evaluating/testing services and has been a curriculum planner and materials coordinator for the Early Childhood Association. She has produced a variety of literacy materials and has helped thousands of individuals with reading skills.

She has helped create and has served in numerous literacy organizations and has been a consultant and organizer for various educational programs.

Her favorite educational activity has been to see the light of discovery that comes to individuals as they learn to read.

"My dream for reading in this twenty-first century is to have timeless values and principles applied to interesting, colorfully illustrated and meaningful phonetic texts that make learning to read, write and spell a delightful discovery!"
           --Rachel B. McOmber

The McOmber Reading Program is an enjoyable, user friendly program for beginning or struggling readers of all ages. The McOmber Program is designed for use in either a classroom or private tutoring setting. It works well in Pre-School, K-3 or homeschool classrooms, as well as resource or tutoring settings for struggling readers of all ages, including adults, ESL, dyslexic and aphasia students. This program is designed so that by following the step-by-step instructions in each reading book anyone can help the student find success.

The strength of the program lies in its gradual introduction of phonics concepts. Students begin with some of the simplest words and phonetic patterns in our language and gradually progress through the various phonetic combinations and language elements needed to be successful and independent readers.


Description Page
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This is a detailed description of what is included in the McOmber Phonics Reading Program.

Preview Page
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The Preview Page inside each reader outlines steps to follow to teach sounds and words needed to read the book. It also gives directions on how to use the Writing Activity Booklets to teach and reinforce skills needed for that reader.

Review Page
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A Literacy Skills Review on the back inside cover provides examples of questions for conversation and comprehension for that reader.

Teaching Guide
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The Teacher's Guide gives detailed instruction for teaching reading and phonics. It also includes phonetic elements for reading progression.