Comments about The McOmber Reading Program

"I have worked about thirty years with reading programs. I have found nothing that works better than the McOmber reading and writing correlated program. I am working now with remedial students of all ages. Even the older students are gaining more self esteem and changing from failure to readers. Thank you!"

-Mary Grindstaff, Reading Specialist
Breckinridge Elementary, Fincastle, VA

"You cannot know the extent of happiness and gratitude that is in our hearts for the gift of reading for my husband Doil. Reading is taken for granted by many, this precious ability is like a jewel that will shine forever in our souls. [The] McOmber books have opened a new world after fifty years of trauma from being illiterate and now, he is out of that dark closet. It is a miracle! It is impossible to know how to thank you!"

-Doil and Gail Waters
Provo, UT

"Our son Christopher started his education in England's state school system. He did not learn to read on their sight system of reading. We are so grateful we found the McOmber program. After working for just four weeks with your program, Christopher had the keys for learning to read. Best of all, he is anxious to keep reading to discover what is happening with the storybook friends."

-Lisa Norris
Essex, England

"How can we thank you for the McOmber Programme, the books are appealing in content and design, and most important, they teach reading logically and sequentially, free of gimmicks. On the basis of my 24 years of working with reading students, I am convinced the appropriate reading instruction should be an alphabetic-multisensory phonics programme. The McOmber Books provide this and are a joy to read and the guides are easy to follow. We wish to express our appreciation for what this programme accomplishes. THANK YOU!"

-Caroline Lacey Kline, Language Consultant
Vancouver, British Columbia

"As a home schooling parent I have used other programs over the years, but your program is more enjoyable for the child and therefore more successful. There seems to be a lack of good storytelling in early phonics books so we appreciate the innovative story lines in [the] McOmber program."

-Home School Teacher